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Can it really be December?

My oh my where did the time go?

This year has been one filled with milestones, new friendships, travel and growth. One of the things that gets me through a packed schedule is having "downtime" listening to music, burning candles and writing in my journal.

  I am cleaning up my room this evening but had time to go shopping today to find some good smelling candles!  I have burnt through a few of them this year. Do you know how expensive candles can be? You would know, the ones whose fragrance I love the most are guess what??? the most expensive.

 I have learned over the years ,soon after my candle passion first hit me, to scour the clearance shelves at TJ, Bath&Body Works, VS and various other establishments that put some really good smelling candles on mark down at the end of each season. I won't bore you with my favs, but, I lean towards the woodsy, vanilla, leather smell....I throw in an occasional lavender - grass based candle for calmness..

 If you know anything a…