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#TuesdayThoughts "Take A Walk"

     I think most of you who read this will agree, we all waste alot of time.  Some big stealers of our time include not listening to wise advice, waiting on that "ideal" moment, letting your feelings of being Non-confident keep you from taking action, not giving yourself enough credit for what you have done right,  letting another whole day go by without doing one item on your "to do" list. I am sure if I keep thinking I could add many more items to this list!            So my friend I am giving you a shove......  Go have a great day! don't wait, just get up and get moving! Rethink applying some of the wise advice recently given to you, don't let feeling uncomfortable or unsure of yourself allow you to lose an opportunity.... , give yourself credit for what you have accomplished... get going on that bucket list, NOW! I am preparing for a 9 day trip the first of January to Los Angeles. I am nervous, I am not feeling so confident, I am feeling