#TuesdayThoughts I Won't Back Down

       I recently was asked in an interview: Who am I most influenced by with my music? 

             This is a tough question to answer as I am literally influenced by ALL MUSIC GENRE’s.  There is no one artist whom I have patterned myself after, in fact, that is the last thing I want to do. I may have started this journey at a young age but have always sought to just be Katie. Yes, I am compared to other female artists as is common ,but honestly I listen to music from classic country to current hip-hop and everything in between.  I listen to the lyrics, the beats and how production is done. I watch the live performances of contemporary artists and all the awards shows!  I am going to list a few artist here but by no means is this a complete list: Elvis Presley, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, Maren Morris, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, One Republic, Ed Sheeran, Carrie Underwood, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Diana Krall, Ray Charles, Beach Boys, Chainsmokers I think you get the idea…..  

            The music industry is a challenging career you need to keep your songs fresh, relatable, interesting and hopefully memorable.  "Memorable"; now that is a goal, for anyone no matter your career in life. I have a passion for music and want to be a role model to my peers and music fans. I want a career that spans 5 decades, when people tell me to go find something else to do it just makes me more determined than ever and in the words of the late, great Tom Petty..... I WON'T BACK DOWN.

r    #ripTomPetty 1950-2017,  #ripTomPetty

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