#TuesdayThoughts: OJT with #Dreams & #Intuition

     As many of you may have noticed I graduated from high school last May. Graduating from high school put me on the path full time to pursue my music. May also marked the release of my newest single titled American Wild. If you listen to the lyrics of the song you may notice I am speaking about myself!  "American Wild" is full of energy, sass and a bright out look on life; which pretty much describes me. With the consent of my parents I am taking a gap year from "higher education" and am enjoying all the "on the job" training I can get.

   I call my first OJT course #Dreams & #Intuition.  Some of the challenges of this course are not being weighed down by problems, focus on being lead by my dreams, the intuition to make wise business-career decisions and act on them.  Dreams offer one a self motivating energy but need to be rooted in reality. Intuition is that inner voice speaking dreams into existence.  I am a big advocate of goal setting which  keep my dreams focused to tackle day to day obstacles. Typically by the end of each week I can review my "class notes" and see the bookings , gigs and songwriting I have accomplished.  

   My #Heart and #Intuition course comes with challenges such as work hard and you are bound to take a few missteps; what? I thought that if you work hard you will be super successful.. aww but in life mistakes = learning, they did not teach that concept in math!  The good news is I get an A in making mistakes and learning from them...... #wisdom   My wisdom is proportional to my experience but none the less I am learning that it is ok to fall.  My dreams and intuitions are continually re-confirmed as I  understand it's my responsibility to keep the fire burning in my heart.

   I want to encourage those of you who read this blog to share a mistake you made along the way and as time passed you realized the value of what you learned from that event in your life!   I am looking towards the future with energy , sass and a bright outlook just like the girl in my song, "American Wild". Everyone of us experiences OJT,  I wish you much success in your course of #Dreams & #Intuition.

be blessed, Katie Belle

"American Wild "single release can be found on ALL digital streaming and sales outlets, below is the video link.


photo credit: Nai Chang , StudioPrimeTime
location: Times Square New York
Designer: Nate Hutson Collection


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  2. I realized how messed up many things in the world are, and put too much of what I was, into changing things that I can't and in a manner that wasn't productive, instead of taking that time and effort to care about me and build myself up into the person I should be by now. You live and you learn! -Brooks

    1. It is so easy to become distracted by "the world" "peer pressure" or comparing oneself to others. Yes, you live and you learn, take what you learn for the betterment of you, every day, every step. Be blessed my friend.

  3. I have nothing but respect for anyone who has made a career in music as i am very passionate about it as I was a breakdancer back in my younger years and I was realy good at it so I like my hip hop and funk to be honest I like all kinds of music but my heart belongs to hip hop have you ever listend to man Parrish boogie down bronx it’s a classic anyway I would like to wish you all the best in your career yours in good faith Terry x


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