#TuesdayThoughts.....WOW! one week ago I returned from my 4th NYFW, what an action packed 5 days.  #confession my suitcase is still not unpacked!! I have such a fun time packing for trips and I have worked hard over the years not to pack too much. But, once I get home I just don't want to unpack,,maybe it's that final notation that the trip is over 👠 all the memories I made, the blisters I got on my feet from walking those NY sidewalks, the wristbands from events all stuffed in a pair of shoes.  Traveling feeds me, meeting new people brings others positive energy into my life! but, alas, the dirty clothes need to be washed  for several reasons that do not need explanation but mainly so they are ready for my next trip!www.katiebellega.com


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