#TuesdayThoughts - Travel Destinations

    I have had the fortune to inherit my parents love of travel. Since I was 3 years old my parents have taken my brother and I on vacations both near and out of the country.  Renting motor homes to go camping to explore the Okefenokee Swamp, Florida Everglades, Historic Key West, scalloping in St.Joe bay, hiking in the North Georgia mountains. We would save our spare change for a year to gather up money for fun on a cruise!  My brother and I were so good at this that typically we would end up with about $700.00 which is what we used to explore our port of calls!! Some of my favorite cruise itineraries have included, Key West, San Juan Puerto Rico, St. Martin and St.Thomas. Any of you out there with the "travel bug" know how much you learn and experience visiting destinations both exotic and simple.  The food, the music, the smiles of strangers as they hand you a slice of coconut straight from the tree!  The sunshine, the colorful architecture, the magnificent sunsets and ohhhhhh the beaches and water!
   It is breaking my heart to see the devastation the recent hurricanes have wrought here, in the US and Caribbean. I have been seeking out relief organizations I could donate money to.  I have read their websites as I want to ensure the $$ go directly to these areas for maximum impact on rebuilding these glorious places.

For the Caribbean Islands I chose: Global Giving , this organization is working throughout the Caribbean both meeting immediate needs and long term support

For the US I have chosen Samaritans Purse, again they offer immediate needs and long term rebuild support.

I counted my change box last night, I have $585 dollars in change,which I will be donating, GO GATHER ALL YOUR LOSE CHANGE AND DONATE TODAY!

xoxoxo Katie Belle


  1. it would be a blessing if any of my readers donate, even just a dollar.

  2. Travel's importance is underestimated by many people. Travel is not only fun, entertaining and enjoyable imtravelin


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