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Can it really be December?

My oh my where did the time go?

This year has been one filled with milestones, new friendships, travel and growth. One of the things that gets me through a packed schedule is having "downtime" listening to music, burning candles and writing in my journal.

  I am cleaning up my room this evening but had time to go shopping today to find some good smelling candles!  I have burnt through a few of them this year. Do you know how expensive candles can be? You would know, the ones whose fragrance I love the most are guess what??? the most expensive.

 I have learned over the years ,soon after my candle passion first hit me, to scour the clearance shelves at TJ, Bath&Body Works, VS and various other establishments that put some really good smelling candles on mark down at the end of each season. I won't bore you with my favs, but, I lean towards the woodsy, vanilla, leather smell....I throw in an occasional lavender - grass based candle for calmness..

 If you know anything a…

Katie Belle, DOWN FOR YOU , Trailer ft JRyan


#TuesdayThoughts What's not easy about "The Big Easy"

I recently got to spend a  week in New Orleans also  known as " The Big Easy".  History permeates this city from the French Quarter to the Garden District and beyond. The side streets, the French Market, St. Charles Avenue Trolley, Magazine Street and the historic homes have filled many a manuscript with ghost stories and legends.

Here are a couple of things I found that were not easy about, The Big Easy .

1. Where to eat,Bonjour comment puis-je decider!!! the discussions would start at breakfast on where to eat for lunch or dinner. The choices seem over whelming, but something that works for me when I travel is to zero in on location and the types of food I personally enjoy. When in NOLA I gravitate towards Cajun and French cuisine. Olde Nawlins Cookery ( 205 Bourbon Street ) and  the deli counter at Rouses Lower Garden District are equally worthy for winning top place for #crawfish. The La Petite Grocery Lower Garden District had sublime crab stuffed beignets and a wonderf…

#TuesdayThoughts - Style All Day Long

Style All Day Long

There is nothing like a trip to New York City to soak in the energy and fashion vibes of the Big Apple! The city that never sleeps, kinetic life on every corner and oh the street style fashion one can immerse themselves in!

    I recently joined my longtime friend Recording Academy member Clayton Mann (Chicago) in NYC for the 60th annual Grammy Awards.  Clayton who was admitted into The Recording Academy at the age of 13 is a singer-songwriter and touring artist.  He has toured with the national, Teen Nation Tour. Clayton currently performs as a solo artist and travels to Nashville to work on new music.  If you keep up with me you know I am a singer-songwriter in tandem with a budding modeling career. I have known Clayton since my touring days on Teen Nation. My recent single release, American Wild, has received attention from industry tastemakers which has landed me in Nashville and Atlanta studios working on a new EP.  I am currently set to release my newest single …

#TuesdayThoughts "Take A Walk"

 I think most of you who read this will agree, we all waste alot of time.  Some big stealers of our time include not listening to wise advice, waiting on that "ideal" moment, letting your feelings of being Non-confident keep you from taking action, not giving yourself enough credit for what you have done right,  letting another whole day go by without doing one item on your "to do" list. I am sure if I keep thinking I could add many more items to this list! 

    So my friend I am giving you a shove...... Go have a great day! don't wait, just get up and get moving!

Rethink applying some of the wise advice recently given to you, don't let feeling uncomfortable or unsure of yourself allow you to lose an opportunity.... , give yourself credit for what you have accomplished... get going on that bucket list, NOW! I am preparing for a 9 day trip the first of January to Los Angeles. I am nervous, I am not feeling so confident, I am feeling unqualified for th…

#TuesdayThoughts: OJT with #Dreams & #Intuition

 As many of you may have noticed I graduated from high school last May. Graduating from high school put me on the path full time to pursue my music. May also marked the release of my newest single titled American Wild. If you listen to the lyrics of the song you may notice I am speaking about myself!  "American Wild" is full of energy, sass and a bright out look on life; which pretty much describes me. With the consent of my parents I am taking a gap year from "higher education" and am enjoying all the "on the job" training I can get.

   I call my first OJT course #Dreams & #Intuition.  Some of the challenges of this course are not being weighed down by problems, focus on being lead by my dreams, the intuition to make wise business-career decisions and act on them.  Dreams offer one a self motivating energy but need to be rooted in reality. Intuition is that inner voice speaking dreams into existence.  I am a big advocate of goal setting which  keep my…

#TuesdayThoughts I Won't Back Down

I recently was asked in an interview: Who am I most influenced by with my music? 
             This is a tough question to answer as I am literally influenced by ALL MUSIC GENRE’s.  There is no one artist whom I have patterned myself after, in fact, that is the last thing I want to do. I may have started this journey at a young age but have always sought to just be Katie. Yes, I am compared to other female artists as is common ,but honestly I listen to music from classic country to current hip-hop and everything in between.  I listen to the lyrics, the beats and how production is done. I watch the live performances of contemporary artists and all the awards shows!  I am going to list a few artist here but by no means is this a complete list: Elvis Presley, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, Maren Morris, BeyoncĂ©, Miley Cyrus, One Republic, Ed Sheeran, Carrie Underwood, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Diana Krall, Ray Charles, Beach Boys, Chainsmokers I think you get the ide…