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#TuesdayThoughts "Take A Walk"

 I think most of you who read this will agree, we all waste alot of time.  Some big stealers of our time include not listening to wise advice, waiting on that "ideal" moment, letting your feelings of being Non-confident keep you from taking action, not giving yourself enough credit for what you have done right,  letting another whole day go by without doing one item on your "to do" list. I am sure if I keep thinking I could add many more items to this list! 

    So my friend I am giving you a shove...... Go have a great day! don't wait, just get up and get moving!

Rethink applying some of the wise advice recently given to you, don't let feeling uncomfortable or unsure of yourself allow you to lose an opportunity.... , give yourself credit for what you have accomplished... get going on that bucket list, NOW! I am preparing for a 9 day trip the first of January to Los Angeles. I am nervous, I am not feeling so confident, I am feeling unqualified for th…

#TuesdayThoughts: OJT with #Dreams & #Intuition

 As many of you may have noticed I graduated from high school last May. Graduating from high school put me on the path full time to pursue my music. May also marked the release of my newest single titled American Wild. If you listen to the lyrics of the song you may notice I am speaking about myself!  "American Wild" is full of energy, sass and a bright out look on life; which pretty much describes me. With the consent of my parents I am taking a gap year from "higher education" and am enjoying all the "on the job" training I can get.

   I call my first OJT course #Dreams & #Intuition.  Some of the challenges of this course are not being weighed down by problems, focus on being lead by my dreams, the intuition to make wise business-career decisions and act on them.  Dreams offer one a self motivating energy but need to be rooted in reality. Intuition is that inner voice speaking dreams into existence.  I am a big advocate of goal setting which  keep my…

#TuesdayThoughts I Won't Back Down

I recently was asked in an interview: Who am I most influenced by with my music? 
             This is a tough question to answer as I am literally influenced by ALL MUSIC GENRE’s.  There is no one artist whom I have patterned myself after, in fact, that is the last thing I want to do. I may have started this journey at a young age but have always sought to just be Katie. Yes, I am compared to other female artists as is common ,but honestly I listen to music from classic country to current hip-hop and everything in between.  I listen to the lyrics, the beats and how production is done. I watch the live performances of contemporary artists and all the awards shows!  I am going to list a few artist here but by no means is this a complete list: Elvis Presley, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, Maren Morris, BeyoncĂ©, Miley Cyrus, One Republic, Ed Sheeran, Carrie Underwood, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Diana Krall, Ray Charles, Beach Boys, Chainsmokers I think you get the ide…

Embrace Beauty Magazine #Covergirl

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#TuesdayThoughts - Travel Destinations

I have had the fortune to inherit my parents love of travel. Since I was 3 years old my parents have taken my brother and I on vacations both near and out of the country.  Renting motor homes to go camping to explore the Okefenokee Swamp, Florida Everglades, Historic Key West, scalloping in St.Joe bay, hiking in the North Georgia mountains. We would save our spare change for a year to gather up money for fun on a cruise!  My brother and I were so good at this that typically we would end up with about $700.00 which is what we used to explore our port of calls!! Some of my favorite cruise itineraries have included, Key West, San Juan Puerto Rico, St. Martin and St.Thomas. Any of you out there with the "travel bug" know how much you learn and experience visiting destinations both exotic and simple.  The food, the music, the smiles of strangers as they hand you a slice of coconut straight from the tree!  The sunshine, the colorful architecture, the magnificent sunsets and o…


#TuesdayThoughts.....WOW! one week ago I returned from my 4th NYFW, what an action packed 5 days.  #confession my suitcase is still not unpacked!! I have such a fun time packing for trips and I have worked hard over the years not to pack too much. But, once I get home I just don't want to unpack,,maybe it's that final notation that the trip is over đź‘  all the memories I made, the blisters I got on my feet from walking those NY sidewalks, the wristbands from events all stuffed in a pair of shoes.  Traveling feeds me, meeting new people brings others positive energy into my life! but, alas, the dirty clothes need to be washed  for several reasons that do not need explanation but mainly so they are ready for my next trip!
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About Katie: 
Singer Katie Belle’s music style is best described as Pop-Country Crossover is also a songwriter, model, and actress, Katie looks to her life and those around her se around her for inspiration. Her lyrics are poetic, insightful, empowering, fun and energetic. Katie’s newest single release is her original, American Wild which has over 100K streams on Spotify. In summer 2017 Katie was nominated in The Josie Country Blast Radio Awards and The International Music and Entertainment Awards (IMEA). She is the winner of the 20…